Richard Eation Singers

Project Role(s)

Creative Director
Date Completed: 
The 2017/2018 season had The Richard Eaton Singers perform pieces about the struggles of war and the freedom that comes from peace. The client and I wanted to showcase these themes with both of the concert designs within the season. The client also stipulated that the two designs needed to connect in some visual way. One of the most famous Canadian war-time poems is “In Flanders Field”, and the line reading “the larks, still bravely singing, fly” was the inspiration text for the entire season. The connection between the two designs can be found in “things that fly” as well as a double exposure effect. The lark in the “Requiem” can be seen struggling against the oppression and darkness that surrounds it. The butterfly found in the Brahms and Schubert piece, in contrast, can be found breaking through the darkness, as the dawn of hope shines through its wings.