Pitched Out

"Taking part in a pitch where concepts are sold for a fraction of what they are worth - in other words: given away - makes you a loser three times over."

Feature article on Icograda's website by Erik Spiekermann, Form magazine

I keep reading "(...) won the project (...) after a pitch." Won? A pitch is the presentation of design ideas to a client by competing agencies or studios. The Americans pitch a baseball, while the English noun denotes a black, sticky substance that is difficult to get off your hands.

That stuff is called "Pech" in German, and we use the same word for bad luck. (I love etymology!) Bad luck indeed for those who don't "win" a pitch. Clients love to invite designers to a pitch when they think they need help with an unsolved communication problem, and the fee usually doesn't even cover the cost of the color prints. That would be like visiting several restaurants in a row, trying the food in each one, and then refusing to pay the bill because none of the dishes were really to your liking.

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