Shirts of fear?

One designer is making a name for himself with a line of T-shirts that give Milton Glaser's iconic "I (Heart) NY" T-shirts a 21st century South African twist.

The Times of South Africa reports on a Johannesburg designer whose range of T-shirts might a little too honest for local city boosters.

"Though it began as an innocuous range of T-shirts emblazoned with the downtown Joburg skyline, the label has become a way for its founder, Bradley Kirshenbaum, to express this complex relationship, the kind a platitude like “I Love Jozi” wouldn’t do justice.

Rather than follow trends — because Kirshenbaum insists he is “not in fashion”, the new range taps into a general feeling of dread that has seized the population with the recent spate of violent crime; the imminent dissolution of what is arguably the only effective arm of the law, the Scorpions; and the proliferation of cardboard posters that bear their homeless authors’ promise — or thinly veiled threat — not to pursue a career in crime in return for some small change."

Check out some of the designs here:

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