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A Clear Vision for Better Design

Sustainability Vision Revised

In 2012, the National Sustainability Committee refined its purpose and mission placing greater emphasis on our key goals and objectives. We want you to judge how well we are doing.

Our Purpose

To connect our national design community to our core values of sustainability. 

Our Mission

To encourage, educate and enable the GDC community, our clients and our partners to embrace and implement the many dimensions of sustainability into their design practices. 

We will accomplish this by

  • Fostering awareness of environmental, social, cultural and economic responsibility
  • Providing principles, guidelines, standards, resources and recommendations accessible to support and encourage sustainability
  • Developing educational materials to inform members, client, sponsors and the community at large of best practices in sustainable communications design
  • Acting as advocates in the community and industry for sustainable design practices
  • Increasing the committee visibility 

Our Goals

  • Equip every graphic designer in Canada with the tools they need to implement sustainability in their design practices. 
  • Be ther first stop for resources on sustainability for graphic designers in Canada
  • Invite every new and existing GDC member to ask the National Sustainability Committee their sustainable question.

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