Icograda Board Message

Icograda is the world body for professional communication design of which GDC is a member.

Pictured above: Icograda Board in Montreal, Canada (from left to right): Peter Florentzos, Kyle Hyunsuk Kim, David Grossman, Ric Grefe, Iva Babaja, Yesim Demir, Lawrence Zeegen, Heidrun Mumper-Drumm, Robert Glogowski

Excerpt from the Icograda Board Message

Recently the Icograda Board 2013-2015 completed its first Board Meeting in 2014 and this term. The meeting took pace in Montréal, which enabled the Board to meet our staff and familiarise themselves with different aspects of our Secretariat operations.

Since election at the Icograda General Assembly, the Board worked diligently on orientation and development of a Roadmap for this term. As established at the General Assembly, the plans for this year include two special platform meetings for the Professional and Educational member categories (a special meeting for the Promotional category will be held early in 2015), enabling our members to provide feedback and become more actively involved in the Council’s agenda. Our Annual General Meeting will be held in alignment with Professional platform sessions in October 2014 in New York. ...

Reflecting the implications of the official demise of the IDA (International Design Alliance), the Icograda Board approved the latest stages of negotiations with our Korean partners on the planned, reformatted 2015 International Design Congress and Icograda General Assembly in Gwangju, with our Canadian partners on the 2017 multi-congress Event, Icograda General Assembly and inaugural International Design Summit in Montréal and with Montréal International on the new multi-year host city agreement. The quick progress on all these agreements ensures continuity and stability. With the turbulence of recent months now behind us, the Board can now concentrate on implementing the important strategies adopted by the General Assembly.

During the Montreal Board meeting, the Board met with members of the newly established Audit Committee 2013-2015, Melanie MacDonald (GDC's Executive Director) and Rebecca Blake (Rita Siow joined the meeting virtually) elected at the General Assembly to work out lines of communication for the coming term. The Audit committee had the opportunity to learn in more detail about the financial history over the past years and review the year-end financial results of 2013.  

The Board was also very pleased to receive the final budget results for 2013. Despite the challenges faced over the past term, through very strict discipline, Icograda completed 2013 with a surplus. The budget for 2014 permits an expansion of the Secretariat that will permit an expansion of services to members. The three member-category platform events reflect this intent.

The Board also established the Former Presidents Committee 2013-2015. The committee, founded at the 2013 General Assembly, is an advisory committee to the Board and an invaluable resource. We are honoured that Former Presidents Jacques Lange, Russell Kennedy and Mervyn Kurlansky have agreed to serve on the 2013-2015 committee.

We are pleased to inform our Members that Jovana Milovic, Icograda’s Project Manager, has been promoted to the position of Managing Director. Jovana’s dedication and expertise during the past year has been invaluable to the Council and we are excited to work with her as head of the Secretariat.

Iva Babaja
Icograda President 2013-2015


Featured in the Icograda Galleria


01 May 2013
Logo for World Press Freedom Day
Design by: Helmut Langer, Icograda President 1989 - 1991

About the Design:
A dove, carrying a pen and simultaneously symbolising a hand, is the symbol for the international World Press Freedom Day on 3 May, 2013.

The logo unites the globally known symbols ''pen'' (= writing), ''hand'' (= voting, expressing), and ''dove'' (= freedom)

The colours adapt the coding for the five continents of the Olympic rings.
His graphic composition visualises the global interconnectedness: diversity shapes the common whole.

The logo is international, multi-cultural, and worldwide understandable.

About the Designer:
Helmut is specialised for global multi-cultural communications projects,
e.g. for various UN organisations like UNESCO, UNEP, UNFCCC, and European Institutions. He has designed the official poster for the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014.

He is a speaker at international conferences, a member of many juries for international design competitions, and a guest-professor at various universities in Asia, Europe and Latin-America.

Link to UNESCO website.