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New speakers and workshops have been added!

May 8-9, 2014
PICA 2014 Conference
Edmonton, Alberta

New speakers and workshops have been added to our lineup. We’re very glad to have Alex Center, Bernard Canniffe and Maggie Macnab join us for PICA 2014.

Regular registration fees end on April 15. Limited seating available on workshops. Don’t miss it!


PICA Design Education Stream: Past, Present and Future

May 8 at PICA

Past, Present and Future explores both our proud history of Canadian design and the new frontiers designers are pushing today. The day will consist of academic presentations, hands-on workshops and an energetic Pecha Kucha series that will not only question the historical practice of design in Canada as well as the state of design education today, but present innovations in teaching that are pushing design into the future.

For questions email education@picaconference.ca
A special session for students and young designers: The Ground Floor

The Ground Floor 

PICA Conference Session
May 7, 2014, 9 am-4 pm
Robbins Health Learning Centre, MacEwan University
Edmonton AB

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Knowing the ins and outs of Photoshop seemed like it was all you'd need, but as you near graduation it's not giving you all the answers. People keep asking what you’ll do once you graduate. You don’t know enough about contracts and expenses. You understand the idea of being a designer, but the difference between a freelance, in-house or agency designer are foggy. School gave you design skills, but you missed the class about making a career as a designer.

The Ground Floor is part of PICA 2014, a design conference bringing together visual communicators, educators, students and industry representatives from across Canada to meet and network, happening from May 7-10 in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Ground Floor will answer common questions and anxieties you have and help start your career the right way. It will explore the challenges, rewards and expectations of different career paths through panels of designers and creatives who've been through it all. It will also feature speakers discussing the non-design aspects of working in the creative world such as contracts, copyright, bookkeeping, taxes as well as client and project management. By the end of the day, you will be equipped with the tools to kick start your design career.

You can find more details about The Ground Floor here: http://picaconference.ca/groundfloor/

Registration is $125 and includes lunch as well as snacks and refreshments. Take advantage of the combination packages offered to students to attend the other exciting days at PICA 2014. Register Now!
Download the poster: groundfloor-poster.pdf

PICA Conference details: http://picaconference.ca

Questions, please contact Bryan Kulba: bryan@kobot.ca