Typography: Designers to Follow

Lettering is becoming more prevalent than ever, I see it everywhere— commercials, ads, packaging— it’s hot.

I’ve become obsessed with handlettering lately. I’ve always loved it but the love became more intense when I signed up for a workshop and lecture with Brookly-based designer Dana Tanamachi. Lettering is becoming more prevalent than ever, I see it everywhere— commercials, ads, packaging— it’s hot. Everytime I come across a great poster, product package, article in a magazine, I am in awe of the wicked detail and craftsmanship these designers put into each project.

Here are five designers that are breaking ground and at the top of their lettering game. Some you have probably heard of but if you haven’t look em up and see what their up to. Their use of materials and techniques have led to some innovative and stunning results. Process and play, that’s what it’s all about.

1. Jessica Hische: Probably the first to spark the lettering trend, Jessica is known to most as ‘That Drop Cap Girl’. Splitting her time between Brooklyn and San Francisco her work just keeps getting better and better, with a client list that would makes all of us drool with envy. jessicahische.is

2. Dana Tanamachi: Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer doing what she loves most, working with her hands. Best know for her ornate chalk work, Dana’s work has been seen throughout North America and around the world. danatanamachi.com

3. Jon Contino: New York-based designer sees himself at the intersection between traditional techniques and modern application. His digitization of hand lettering and his style as an illustrator has made him a designer to keep an eye on. joncontino.com

4. Alex Fowkes: UK-based designer widely-known for his typographical mural work. One of his biggest projects to date is the Sony Music’s history timeline in their London office. alexfowkes.com

5. Sean Freeman: Another UK-based designer, Sean is constantly exploring new ways of approaching his work with a love for happy accidents and a passion for visual storytelling, texture, type and everything in between. Process and materials are what his work is all about...it’s pretty insane. thereis.co.uk


About Iwona:
Iwona is the Education Co-Chair of the Graphic Designers of Canada Alberta North Chapter. She is the in house designer for the City-Region Studies Centre at the University of Alberta and art director of Curb Magazine. Her design work spans 2D & 3D mediums and beyond.