Zine Q&A with Gord Montgomery

If you could ask Gord Montgomery ANYTHING about zines, what would you ask him?

1. What do you feel are the top two elements that make an engaging zine?
The top 2 elements for me would be sweet illustration and that its hilarious.

2. If you were to write is zine to your 22-year-old self, what would it be about?
It would be about the winning lottery numbers from the future.

3. What is your most memorable zine and why?
An illustrator named Ana Galvan from Madrid made a zine called Shit Happens. It was her contribution to 'El Fresquito' fanzine and oh man it had the best illustrations.

4. Some people say the Internet is a fad, why will the zine ultimately win in the end?
Because zines don't have comment sections.

5. What type of information is best expressed with a zine?
Your opinion, your art, your pain, your experience, anything...

6. The topic of the first zine you ever made?

7. Most underutilized treatment?
Googly eyes.

8. What tips would you give someone just starting out their first zine?
Just let the marker do its thing and let it come naturally.

9. How many zines of you collected?
Far too little to admit.

10. Why should someone take this class?
If you have just heard the word zine and said "I want to know more", then take this class and get a big head start.

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