Cover: Illustration Courtesy The Royal Tyrrell Museum. Design by Adrian Jean CGD

2015 GDC National AGM June 4-6th

GDC will be holding its annual general meeting in Calgary on June 4th, 5th and 6th at the Holiday Inn MacLoed Trail South.

The Annual General Meeting is held for the primary purpose of approving the audited financial statements, approving constitutional changes, setting membership dues and establishing strategic directions. Members are represented by National Council Representatives who are elected from their chapters to vote on proposal on their behalf.


2015 National Council Members

National Executive Committee

  • Adrian Jean, CGD - President
  • Ana Herrera, CGD - Treasurer
  • Jennifer Luckay, CGD - VP Communications
  • Corrie Heringa, CGD - VP Education
  • Marga Lopez, CGD - VP Membership

National Council Representatives

Alberta North Chapter

  • Amanda Schutz, CGD - Chapter President
  • Bryan Kulba, CGD - Chapter Vice President
  • Nicole Bolton, CGD - Chapter Web Chair

Alberta South Chapter

  • Danny Lin, CGD - Chapter President
  • Kelly Hartman, CGD - National Representative


  • Mark Rutledge, CGD - Chapter President

Atlantic Chapter

  • Paul Williams, CGD - Chapter President
  • Andrew Herygers, CGD - Chapter Vice President
  • John deWolf, CGD - National Representative

BC Chapter

  • Johnathon Vaughn Strebly, CGD - Chapter President
  • Mike Cober, CGD - National Representative and Certification Chair
  • Pauline Lai, Member - Chapter Web Communications

Manitoba Chapter

  • Carson Samson, CGD - Chapter Vice President
  • Kevin Guenther, CGD - Chapter Business and Events Chair

Saskatchewan North Chapter

  • Jogn Nagy, CGD - Chapter President

Vancouver Island Chapter

  • Patrice Snopkowski, CGD - National Representative
  • Jesse Woodward, Member - National Representative