Cover: Designer Gift Guide

What to get a designer for the holidays?

Designers love beautifully designed things. We also like to learn and experiment. If you are a designer and have a spouse, friend or family member who might be lost on how to Christmas shop for you… send them a link to this gift guide to give them inspiration! If you are a person who knows a designer has no idea how to Christmas shop for them, you’ve come to the right place. GDC Alberta North board members have collected these Christmas gift ideas for your consideration.

Tools of the Trade

Designers always need perfect sketchbooks and notebooks for generating ideas: Gridbooks - Janet

A shop, entirely focused on pencils in NYC: CW Pencils - Robyn

Pick up a gift certificate at Delta Art Supply Shop, and they can pick new art supplies to experiment with! - Chris



How to’ by Michael Bierut - Michelle

How to think like a Great Graphic Designer’ by Debbie Millman - Amanda

Any graphic novel or children’s book by Nobrow Press - Andrew


Fashion & Accessories

Typographical clothing: Fairgoods - Amanda

Touch screen gloves - Valéry

Any product you would ever want adorned with Pantone colours - Michelle

The feet need to look nice, too: Foot Cardigan - Dustin



A Skillshare subscription - Andrew

A SNAP class/workshop - Alex

Feeling generous? Send them on a plane to an amazing workshop out of town - Tyler


Studio Essentials 

A little cute printer - Amanda

The Swatchbox complete paper sample set - Nicole

For those who have trouble saying no: Coffee Mug - Andrea

The perfect Italian stapler - Robyn


Defying Categorization

Say I love you 12 ways with heart blocks from House - Amanda


Office in a cracker - Iwona

Beautiful ship kites - Chris


If you have a suggestion for a perfect designer gift, post on twitter or instagram and tag with #gdcabnorth!