Cover: Royal Bison 2015

Come find the GDC at the Royal Bison

The Royal Bison is happening AGAIN this weekend! This twice-a-year festival promotes itself for hosting the best and quirkiest art, craft and design this city has to offer. So we are pretty excited that the GDC will be included in the booth roster.

Come find us at the show from December 4 – 6! You can talk to us about design, the GDC, how to become a GDC member, and what our board is up to. You could even talk about the weather, your pets, or what you had for breakfast. We will have a few items for sale that have recently designed by our board. All monies will go towards our GDC scholarships.


This is the time of year for craft shows. So get a few gifts checked off the list that you need to buy, or just come check out what local artists are up to. We at the GDC are stoked to see other GDC members there too. When you go, make sure to stop by their booths too:

Andrew Benson
Finn & Burnsie


(a bonus of being a GDC member is that we will shamelessly promote you)


Hope to see you there!