2015 National Scholarship Winners

The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) is pleased to announce its 2015 scholarship recipients.

Committed to supporting those engaged in design education, 2015 marks the thirteenth year of this annual competition open to student members completing or returning to a program of design study. The purpose of the scholarships is to recognize emerging excellence in design achievement and encourage a desire in students to go beyond expectations as a natural progression to professional practice.

This year a well-rounded group of applicants showed evidence of great colour sense, good understanding of typography and composition with thoughtful attention to detail and skill in presentation. One step away from joining the professional ranks, the promise of the design talent in Canada is demonstrated by the recipients providing great design solutions in polished packages with strong rationales and supporting research. The judges enjoyed the refreshing breadth of solutions from typographic explorations to compelling poster work as well as street-wise informative graphics.

Winner of the $2000 Canada Type Scholarship:
Eugene Kulaga, University of the Fraser Valley (Mission, British Columbia)
Project: Kandinsky: Geometric Typeface/DIY Rock Typeface
Instructor: Karin Jager

Mr. Kulaga’s submission garnered the following comments from the judges:
“Kandinsky = Awesome”
“Very Cool Projects. My favorite is the Rock Type Exploration...”
“The Rock Typeface is a cool concept - Nice!”

Winner of the $500 Applied Arts Magazine Scholarship for the Emerging Talent:
David Fenton, Capilano University (North Vancouver, British Columbia)
Project: International Circus School - 2015 Annual Report
Instructor: Carol Aitken

Mr. Fenton’s submission garnered the following comments from the judges:
“Circus School: Awesome!”
“Playful + brave use of colour + images which ‘reflects’ the brand”
“Solid design work. Beautiful use of layout and type. Great use of ticket and colours, lovely use of graphics.”

The Judges were impressed with the submissions in the Applied Arts Magazine Scholarships category and also wanted to acknowledge honourable mentions to:

Abbey Johnson, Capilano University (North Vancouver, British Columbia)
Project: Jinxed Burgers - Annual Report
Instructor: Carol Aitken

Benjamin Stone, Capilano University (North Vancouver, British Columbia)
Project: Lloyd Block Real Estate Development
Instructor: Carol Aitken

Kate Marlowe, Capilano University (North Vancouver, British Columbia)
Project: Murano Creative Lofts submitted by
Instructor: Carol Aitken

Winner of the $500 Marc Brisbourne Scholarship:
Lyubava Fartushenko, University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario)

Please see https://www.gdc.net/article/2015/10/26/3515 for more information on Ms. Fartushenko’s research

Scholarship applications were received from all across the country. Applicants submitted a piece of student work completed as a class project and were judged by professional members of the GDC. Judges scored each entry on criteria such as methodology, typography, content and presentation. The judges this year were Marga Lopez CGD, Johnathon Vaughn Strebly CGD and Jeff Harrison CGD.

Congratulations again to the 2015 Scholarship Recipients.