Looking back at PKN Vol. 24

Rocking the 20×20 format

Looking back at PKN Vol. 24 (Dec. 3, 2015 at the Park Theatre), we had an awesome array of people on stage, with some pretty great points of view. Twenty slides, 20 seconds each. A total of six minutes and 40 seconds. Here’s what the presenters did with their time …

Michelle Falk, Director of the Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties, talked about human rights and the people in our community who fight for them. Ryan Mayberry, founder of Artmoi, discussed how it's important for artists to document their own work over their lives and leave a legacy (the Artmoi app helps to make that a reality).

Zephyra Vun showed us how pencil-drawn renderings have meaning beyond any AutoCAD drawing. Allan Lorde told us about Draw Mob, a drawing group that exercises creativity and has fun doing it. Fitness trainer RJ Padua advised the group on how to achieve a level of health they may have seen as unattainable. Ironically, his pointer about fasting between the hours of 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. came at about 9:15 p.m., just before the beer break.

Gavin Cornelius, co-founder of the Young Entrepreneurs society, gave an impassioned presentation about seizing opportunities. Chiropractor Ryan Greschuk took a page from The Matrix and offered us a trip down the rabbit hole of personal discovery.

Designer and illustrator Silvana Moran inspired the crowd with her often-whimsical drawings while talking about nearly bleeding out and dying due to a life-threatening illness. Pottery artists Jenn McCurry and Lynne Mulvihill of Mud + Stone burst everyone’s bubble by explaining that the steamy scene from Ghost never happens in a real-life studio.

In between all these presentations, master of cermonies Carson Samson cracked wise about the Baconator, Star Wars, RJ Padua’s powerful “guns” and the joy of pronunciation. Photographer and three-time PKN presenter Leif Norman wrapped up the show by showing and telling the story of travelling to Iceland with a group of creative folk.

Thanks to Jeope Wolfe CGD, who shot photos for PKN Vol. 24 and – coincidentally – seemed to be mentioned or shown in a slide for about half the presentations. Allan Lorde took the photo of the lonely mic, used in the banner up top.

We are very grateful to our print sponsor, Vantage Studios & Print Shop