Cover: "Section 2" - Designed & Hand Printed by Odelay!

GDC Foundation + Odelay Release Limited Edition Poster

Looking for something RED for Valentine's Day? #designChange poster is ready!


Freedom of conscience,
Freedom of religion,
Freedom of thought,
Freedom of belief,
Freedom of expression,
Freedom of the press,
Freedom of assembly,
Freedom of association,

About the poster

19” x 25”
Limited to 50 prints
Typeface: Raleigh Bold
Paper: French Poptone Wild Cherry 100LB Cover
Colour: Custom Ink, House Paint, Maple Syrup, Maple Leaf Powder, & Canadian Nickel

Due to the organic process of the stencilling & printing, each limited numbered piece will be uniquely different.

All proceeds from the sale of these once-and-they’re-gone posters will be generously donated to the GDC Foundation as part of its 2016 fundraising efforts. Order a poster by midnight December 31 and you'll be entered in a prize draw.

Direct link to order your poster: