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GDC Foundation Fundraiser Results

We didn't reach $50,000 but we're close!

The GDC Foundation 2015 fundraising campaign ended just over $1300 short of our goal of reaching the $50,000 mark. We are grateful to all those who donated and/or purchased #designChange posters to help build the fund for this worthwhile project!

We are happy to announce the winners of the draw:
Aaron Draplin gifts: Dean McNeill, Ken Paul, Bardolf Paul, Rick Strong, Matt Warburton, Michael Marshall $100 gift certificate: Andrew Boardman
Skillshare, 1-year premium membership: Oliver Oike
Brand New Conference Videos and Ticket: Adrian Shum
Slanted issue 26 - NY: David Coates  
"The Surface of Meaning" by Robert Bringhurst (donated by VI Chapter): Valerie Elliot
Scrabble Typography (donated by Peggy Cady): Rod Roodenburg
Absolute Therapy, Private yoga session for 4: Miriam MacPhail
Communication Arts subscription: Karin Jager
Uppercase Magazine subscription: Marga Lopez t-shirt: Anne OGrady, Emrys Miller wine tote: Karen Brown, Sue Colberg, Catherine Garden, Jim Hudson, Cynthia Hoffos, Colin Maskell, Elaine Prodor, Brenda Sanderson, Ulrich Wodicka, Randy Hergott, Dean Van De Wall, Jeope Wolfe

Thank you to all our in-kind donors for supplying the prizes for this year's campaign.

Thank you to Craig Medwyduk CGD and Jacqueline Germin CGD of Odelay Design for their limited run, multi-coloured edition of 50 posters. Reflecting on what is uniquely Canadian, the poster addresses Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is a "must have” for designers. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the GDC Foundation. The posters are still on sale at

Donate to the GDC Foundation any time:


The GDC Foundation is growing a fund to support design research, special projects, scholarships for students and professionals, and a benevolent fund to offer short-term financial assistance to designers experiencing a career-challenging difficulty. We have awarded 7 scholarships, for a total of $3,500 since 2012.

The Ray Hyrnkow Scholarship was founded in 2012. This $500 national scholarship is awarded to a third-year student in a Canadian four-year program whose submission has demonstrated a deep understanding of problem solving through communication design.

The Marc Brisbourne Scholarship was founded in 2013. This $500 national scholarship is awarded to a graduate student pursuing research with a focus on the field or discipline of visual communication in Canada at a Canadian post-secondary institution at a Masters or Doctoral level. 2016 will be the final year the Foundation will award the Marc Brisbourne Scholarship. The Alberta North Chapter plans to deliver this scholarship on a provincial level in coming years.