Cover: Presenters of PechaKuchaNight Winnipeg Vol. 25

#pknwpg25 is a wrap

Rocking that good old PechaKucha 20×20 format

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 marked the 25th PechaKucha Night presented by GDC Manitoba.

We’re always thrilled by the presenters at these events and Vol. 25 didn’t disappoint, so thanks to Troy Assoignon, Adeline Bird, Robert Elms, Samanta Katz, Mona Mousa, Kieran Moolchan, Alan Nobili, Shana Robinson, Glenn Morison and Cian Whalley.

We should also single out a few volunteers who made this event a success.

  • Melissa Archer, the GDCMB PKN Chair, has kept this event going from the beginning (2010). Kudos to you, Mel!
  • Arturo Orellana, of VA Productions, is our newest PKN volunteer and has proven to be indispensable in recruiting presenters. Many thanks!
  • Jeope Wolfe CGD, who takes wonderful photos at these events. We are grateful beyond 1,000 words. Now let's check out your images: