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Student members featured: Maria Centola

Student members featured: Maria Centola, a recent graduate of the Capilano University in Vancouver!

Happy Summer! For the month of July and August, our Chapter is delighted to shine a spotlight on GDC Student Members.

Maria Centola is an illustrator, graphic designer and recent graduate of Capilano University in Vancouver.

Here's what Maria had to say about herself.

Hi, I'm Maria Centola

What motivated you to become a designer?
The idea that I could help better the world by using the skills of design to communicate where change needs to happen. 

If you were a typeface, how would you describe yourself?
A rounded sans-serif with character.

Is there a particular project of yours of which you’re especially proud? What makes it so gratifying?
My Nightshift project, I felt I was able to identify a need within a new target market and really cater to them in every decision. It was fun to see how the brand might extend as well.

Serif or Sans Serif?

Print or digital?
That is tricky but I still get my news from the newspaper every morning so print. 

What would be your dream project? Who is your dream client?
Dream project would be working on a social campaign that is changing the way people view the world around them. Something like or My dream client besides those two I just mentioned is a slight departure but would be Bite Cosmetics, everything about their brand from their approach to the materials put into a lipstick to the innovative and unique shape they created for their lipsticks (each tube shape is based off of the way different women use their lipstick and the wearing away of the lipstick) and even to the incredible lip lab's they have created where you can create your very own unique lipstick shade. A brand I very much admire.