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Student members featured: Mariah Barnaby-Norris

Student members featured: Mariah Barnaby-Norris, a graphic design student in her last year at the University of Alberta!

Happy Summer! For the month of July and August, our Chapter is delighted to shine a spotlight on GDC Student Members.

Mariah Barnaby-Norris is a graphic design student in her last year at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Here's what Mariah had to say about herself.

Hi, I'm Mariah Barnaby-Norris 

What motivated you to become a designer?
Initially, when I first realized I wanted to be a designer I was basing this decision on what career would make me look forward to coming to work everyday. I think now it has turned into more than that, not just thinking about "working" but instead thinking about improving/enhancing the lifestyles of people through efficient design. 

If you were a typeface, how would you describe yourself?
Hmm how do you describe tall and lanky in a typeface... a narrow sans serif?! 

Is there a particular project of yours of which you’re especially proud? What makes it so gratifying?
Probably the project that I am the most proud of (so far) is a conference project I did in one of my 400 level design classes. We had to pick a topic of our choice for a conference in which we would design all of the deliverables for, including a logo, visual system, letterhead, business cards, schedule, programs, maps, extras etc.

We were given complete freedom with the designing of our deliverables and I think this is when I really realized that I wanted to pursue graphic design further. It was so interesting to research a certain genre of people and with that information apply that to multiple platforms. Looking back at the project now, I see SO many mistakes that I made and little details that I should have done differently but it is still one of favourite projects just because of what I got out of it.

Serif or Sans Serif?
Tricky question, they both can be so beautiful when used in different applications. But if I have to choose, sans serif would be the winner! clean and clear. 

Print or digital?
Print! just because I love the physicality of it, textures and different paper types are magical. Digital is also an awesome and very useful media to be able to design in though! 

What would be your dream project? Who is your dream client?
Wow big question! I still have so much to learn and do before I accomplish this but I would love to eventually work on BIG projects that affect mass populations, such as campaigns to help minorities or raise awareness of important issues.

As cheesy as it sounds I would love to just design to make people happier, whether thats for small populations with quirky posters or silly illustrations or for huge populations with team projects and worldwide agencies! :)

Phone Number: 780-223-4412