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Behind the Design: Craig Huff

Illustrating the 10th Annual Associations BBQ

Are you still wearing one of those beautiful buttons from last week’s Associations Summer barbeque? Those tiny mid-century modern chairs and cameras were skillfully illustrated by GDC BC member Craig Huff ( As a designer who mostly specializes in UX/UI design, volunteering his time for this GDC project afforded Craig a new creative experience.

“Having previously worked in motion design, my final product was always video. Volunteering with the GDC gave me the opportunity to explore print, which is a very different medium. There is a final product that you can hold in your hands, or pin on your shirt.”

GDC Buttons

Craig’s illustrations formed a larger campaign that included posters, buttons, and digital graphics.

He says, “My process was to quickly sketch out as many rough concepts as I could in thumbnails, without overthinking it. This helped to dispense with more obvious treatments, and also to explore some weirder directions, as the investment of time on each concept is minimal.”

GDC BBQ poster, rough sketch

The various creative professions at the BBQ – from industrial designers to social media professionals to photographers – could recognize symbols of their work in a designer teapot or a stylized bluebird or a camera, all the while wrapped up in a hamburger bun – the ultimate symbol for a barbeque.

“I wanted to communicate the experience and idea of the BBQ, not just the literal details. It was important to convey the value of all these designers from different disciplines coming together to share food and conversation, mingle and talk ideas, technique, tools, passions, and through this – become stronger creatives.”

Colour rendition of BBQ poster

2016 marked the 10th year of the Associations BBQ and another successful year - over 200 people attended this year's event. Thanks to CAPIC, Siggraph, VES, SEGD, Spark, BCID, and IxDA for being great event partners and to Metropolitan Fine Printers and Spicers Canada for your support