The Type Gallery

A series of twelve screen printed posters celebrating the art of typography.

A wonderful series of posters was recently released by Halifax designer Mike Hanlon (CGD). The Type Gallery is a personal project of Mike’s featuring twelve screen printed posters celebrating the art of typography. Each poster presents one of the world’s great typefaces and includes the type designer, the foundry, a historical perspective and a complete alphabet. The posters are 24” x 36” and printed with black and Pantone Warm Gray 8 on Mohawk’s Superfine Eggshell White, 80lb cover. 

Mike has a love for typography and always felt that individual characters from some of the world’s great typefaces are works of art. In 2014 he was looking for wall art, but could not find anything to his liking so he decided to create his own posters using letters from his favorite typefaces. The posters were admired hanging in his home and admirers asked for sets of their own. Given this interest, he expanded the series and has made them available for all typofiles to enjoy. 

GDC Fellow Paul Michael Brunelle researched each typeface and developed the copy that accompanies each poster. As well, Canadian Typographer and GDC Fellow Rod McDonald added his input on the copy to ensure historical accuracy.

Mike is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (B.Des, 1981) and has been a member of the GDC since graduation.

The posters can be seen at: