GDC Alberta North presents Meg Robichaud workshop and talk

GDC Alberta North presents Meg Robichaud workshop and talk on November 14! Tickets on sale now.

GDC Alberta North presents Meg Robichaud workshop and talk on November 14! Tickets on sale now.

Meg Robichaud currently works as the Illustration Lead at Shopify while running her own business, Meg Draws. She has worked with clients such as Shopify, Lattice, DDB Canada, Death to Stock Photo, and shares her thoughts on design and our industry here.

Meg is known all over the internet for her amazing icon and illustration work. Join us for Meg's afternoon workshop as she guides us through how to create an icon set, and evening talk as she talks about the fluidity being a designer, the fall backs of holding on too tight to one identity, and what happens when you're not bound by your skill set, title or expected career path. 

Check out some of Meg's work here or here

Meg Robichaud Workshop

Limited space, so buy your tickets early!

Old Strathcona Library, Program Room Upstairs
8331 104 St Edmonton, AB T6E 4E9

Monday, November 14 at 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM


Meg Robichaud Talk

Limited space, so buy your tickets early!

Roots on Whyte Community Building
#305 3rd flr Roots on Whyte Conference Room
8135 - 102 Street Edmonton, AB T6E 4A4

Monday, November 14 at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM



An Exerpt from Meg's interview with Ways We Work

What is it that you find the most meaningful about working in design and illustration?

I've been thinking about this and talking to other people about what makes you happy and I think it's a combination of the community of people that fit your life, a lifestyle that fits your life and something that you're good at. There are all different combinations that any person could find—I could have very well found another one.

I'm just very happy to have found myself in the middle of a lifestyle that fits me. The design community, for example, is very open to remote, we're very passionate about taking care of yourself, and work-life balance—although a buzzword—is something that's very important to me. Anytime I go to a design conference, I find people that I fit with. That doesn't happen to me everywhere. And then, something I'm good at. I think I just happen to have found a place that I can exist between those things.

As it applies to Shopify, it's kind of the same thing. They really value work-life balance and taking care of yourself. That was one of the things that drew me to working with them in the first place. When I was there for the sprint and it hit 5 o'clock, everyone said, "No, seriously just go home. Take care of yourself. Whatever you're working on you can work on it tomorrow. Go be outside for a little bit." I really respected that. It's not something you see in every company. It's also very open-ended, if you want to work on something that you think is important and worth doing, you just need to explain why you think it's worth doing and then go do it. That can be intimidating but also very exciting.

Read the full interview here.

Illustrations by Meg Robichaud