GDC Foundation's 6th Annual Fundraising Campaign

GDC Foundation: Thank you — It Was a Good Year!

GDC Foundation fundraising hits its 2016 goal and then some!


The GDC Foundation's 2016 Get Behind Design fundraising drive & Fellows’ Challenge raised $4,360!

The fund reached and passed our 2016 goal of $50,000. We have raised $53,945 since our start in 2006!

We‘ll award two $1,000 scholarships in 2017!

Thank you Donors and Supporters!

Stay tuned for the draw results!

Special thanks
– to all our in-kind donors (listed on Donors page)
– to Saskatchewan North Chapter for hosting a Junk & Gems fundraiser, along with a book sale and special card sale.
– to Vancouver Island Chapter for their Junk & Gems sale.
– to Adrian Jean and Mark Rutledge for the GDC Anniversary poster sale.