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Crafting Type 3-day Workshop

Crafting Type 3-day Workshop

Crafting Type is an intense 3–day workshop where absolute beginners learn how to design typefaces and intermediate type designers boost their skills. It is run around the world at cities large and small, bringing you a solid start in type design.


Why take our workshop?

Learning type design is a great way to deepen your understanding of typography. Zooming in to this level is still rare, and being able to drill down with clients and other designers sets you apart.

Type can seem like a dark art, hidden in mystery. But we have developed a learning experience that reliably evaporates the sense that typography and type design is impenetrable.

We reveal the secrets, and you will leave the workshop with confidence in choosing and using type. You will know how to analyse the suitability of a font family for any given typographic task, because you will be able to craft your own type.

Our team of professional type designers has an approach to teaching that is hands–on, encouraging, interactive—and fun!

Plus, we provide all of the necessary software, and hundreds of fonts to study and play with. No previous experience of type design is required. We even cover how to earn money with your skills.

What you’ll leave with (in addition to some fond memories) are new typography skills, new tools for drawing type, and the first key letters of your own type design.


Visual Communication Design Studios
2-36 Fine Arts Building
University of Alberta

October 27 - 29, 2017

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