Cover: Student members featured: Danielle S. Fuechtmann

Student members featured: Danielle S. Fuechtmann

Student members featured: Danielle S. Fuechtmann, a graphic designer and writer.

Happy Summer! For the month of July and August, our Chapter is delighted to shine a spotlight on GDC Student Members.

Danielle S. Fuechtmann is a graphic designer and writer based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

Here's what Danielle had to say about herself.

Hello! My name is Danielle and I’m a writer and designer. I believe that the best storytelling happens at the intersection of an interesting idea and inspiring designs; something special happens when we marry story and design – ideas become clearer and people want to engage with what you’re sharing. I love helping people tell their stories! 

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with an Individualized Minor in Fashion, Design, and Media from the University of Alberta and a Diploma in Visual Communications from NAIT. 


What practices, rituals or habits contribute to your design work?
I think the biggest influence on my work is my interdisciplinary background. My work as a writer and journalist guides the way I research and think about design projects while my work as a designer informs the my work as a writer!

I also try to step away from the computer and make things; computers are an incredible tool but I believe working with our hands provides an important opportunity to experience shape and proportion in a way that you can’t if you rely exclusively on digital devices.  

What are your creative outlets? 
Embroidery and weaving.  

What’s your one guilty creative indulgence?
Using an upcoming project to justify a shopping spree at The Paint Spot. I have a hard time resisting beautiful papers and yarn! 

From where/who/what do you draw inspiration?
Looking at people and spaces when I’m out and about, visiting art galleries, Behance and design blogs. I also spend a shocking amount of time scrolling through Instagram, I follow a lot of artists and designers - it’s a great platform for visual inspiration. 

If you could interview anyone living/dead, but not a celebrity, who would it be and why? 
Jp King. He’s a transdisciplinary media artist and scholar based in Toronto. His work explores material culture, mythology, masculinity, social engagement, garbage, and speculative futures through art, design, and writing. I first discovered him through a post on Instagram, an artist doing a residency at the Banff Centre had posted a picture of an uncredited flowchart titled “Art as Research” and it resonated with me so deeply that I went on a quest to track down the creator. I’m glad I did, he explores many ideas that I’m interested in and his approach is fascinating! 

Specialty: Branding, Advertising