Cover: Tara Cooper's exhibit at SNAP!

Tara Cooper's exhibit at SNAP!

Knocked the wind out of my sails; touch and go; even keeled; steady as she goes; three sheets to the wind; port out, starboard home.

GDC Members! Drop by SNAP Gallery Feb 8th from 6-7pm to check out Tara Cooper's exhibit, Reading the Sky. The exhibition is full of great texture, typography and illustration that will inspire any graphic designer. SNAP's executive director, April Dean, will walk the group through some of the print processes involved. This is a free drop in event. No need to RSVP, just show up at 6PM.

Reading the Sky begins with an image of a boat, navigating the sea by night. It takes cues from the Beaufort Wind Scale—a 13-point observational system developed by naval officer Francis Beaufort in 1805—but also illuminates stories like Ann Davison, who was the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone, and William Gass’ poetic text On Being Blue. Combining techniques based in indigo resist dyeing, along with a collector’s impulse for all things nautical, the show uses installation-based strategies viewing the gallery space as something that can be read like a book. Three cheers to the Ontario Arts Council for supporting this exhibition.

Tara Cooper draws from meteorology and creative non-fiction, resulting in projects housed under the moniker Weather Girl. The outcomes combine print, found objects, sculpture, text and video with installation. Recent accomplishments include residencies at Ox-Bow, Anderson Ranch, The Wassaic Project and Landfall Trust, as well as several arts council grants. She is also the co-editor (along with Jenn Law) of Printopolis — a recent publication that examines contemporary print culture. Tara is an Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo, Department of Fine Arts.