Cover: The Bulletin Board Vol.1 Issue 1

The Bulletin Board Vol.1 Issue 1

Enjoy the first issue of The Bulletin Board and have a wonderful semester!

Hopefully this summer was a great opportunity for you to unwind, travel and/or save up for the upcoming school year. Now what? Classes have started and everyone is excited about learning and discovering new things! To build on this excitement, we have created The Bulletin Board and have gathered some useful information that we hope will help you learn and grow faster on your journey of becoming a professional designer. Enjoy the first issue of The Bulletin Board and have a wonderful semester!

One challenging aspect of starting a new project is that students don’t always know the ins and outs of their design applications. Did you know that if you’re an Edmonton Public Library member you have free access to all tutorials and courses? The EPL membership is free!


Art Supplies

As students often run on a tight budget, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the great discounts the school art and book store may offer. In addition, our city has a number of art stores that might help you find unique supplies. Below are a handful that are located in different areas of the city. 



The Paint Spot



Special Book Collections

In this era, it’s definitely tempting to travel through the web for inspiration, but libraries are still quite unique and offer resources we can’t always experience online. 

Make sure to drop by your school library and walk through the aisles. The great thing is that you can grab all of the books and magazines that interest you without having to buy any of them!  Also, inquire about the artist book collections at both Universities as you don’t need to be a member to enjoy those great pieces while on site. 


Online Reading

There is a ton of great online resources in addition to the printed material the different libraries have to offer. Below are some great recommendations from us.


Eye on Design – Website/Newsletter that covers a range of design topics

Lecture in Progress – an online resource offering advice about and insight into working in the creative industry. 

No Plastic Sleeves – Blog that highlights inventive portfolios and promotional pieces.

The Strobist – Extensive blog covering different lighting and technical photography practices.


This concludes the first issue of The Bulletin Board. We truly hope that you’ll visit all the great spots and websites we shared with you. See you in a month with more great resources. Bonne rentrée scolaire!