Canada 150: Help Us Take Action! Sign the Petition

Help us send a loud and clear message to Ottawa about the identity development process for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

GDC has posted a petition asking the Department of Canadian Heritage to establish a Design Advisory Board composed of representatives from Canada’s professional design associations to review the current development processes for the 150th anniversary logo. To sign the petition, follow this link:

According to a report filed by the Department of Canadian Heritage in December, five preliminary test logos have already been drafted and focus testing began in May 2013. News of the government’s efforts to date have been met with negative and vocal reaction from both professional designers and the Canadian public. Comments on various media streams have stated that the identity work provided does not represent our diverse and dynamic nation. Others have commented on a lack of design thinking and design process, while others cited a heavy reliance on technology and on focus group testing.

“For such an auspicious occasion it is appropriate and desirable that we work together,” says Adrian Jean, a CGD certified graphic designer and President of the GDC. Mr. Jean points to the iconic 1967 Canadian centennial logo, designed by GDC Fellow Stuart Ash, as evidence that a well designed logo resonates far beyond the celebration of a single event. He refers to the logo as part of our national heritage and our collective culture that will last for decades and as such, believes it is critical that those responsible for developing Canada’s visual identities leverage this country’s professional creative resources. 

The GDC petition is supported by the Societé des designers graphiques du Quebec (SDGQ) and the Association for Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD), who see a Design Advisory Board as a logical step in assuring all parts of Canada are well represented. Canadian designers and the general public are invited to sign the petition. 

Sign the petition, then share the URL with colleagues friends and family as this is an issue all Canadians can support:

For more information contact:

Melanie MacDonald
Executive Director
Toll Free: 877 496 4453
Local Phone: 613 567 5400

Adrian Jean CGD


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