GDC BC Members Give Blood

GDC BC member encourages other members to step up and donate.

As a Society, we can help cancer patients, premature babies, accident/injury victims, people undergoing surgery and transplants, as well as those suffering from blood diseases, burns and shock. A patient suffering from cancer can use up to eight units of blood a week in their treatment! The need for blood never stops, and we can help.

The GDC BC is a member of Canadian Blood Services' Partners for Life program. We have pledged to donate 20 units of blood in 2011. This can be 20 people donating once, five people donating four times—whatever gets us to a minimum of 20 donations this year. A single donation can help save three lives! Our 20 units will be helping to impact the lives of 60 hospital patients this year.

A healthy person can donate blood every 56 days. If you are donating regularly, that's only six times a year.

To track any donations made, staff need to make sure they are registered as part of the Partners for Life team.

Individuals can register themselves online in 4 quick steps. Once you're registered, you can donate blood anywhere in Canada (except Quebec) and your donation will be counted towards the GDC's annual pledge!

Go to:
Click "Join Partners for Life"
Click the "Members" puzzle piece
Click "Sign me up to donate with my team"
Fill in your information using the GDC's Partner ID number SOCI008558 (please note that this is four letters, six numbers)

To learn more about donating blood, please visit or call 1.888.2DONATE (1.888.236.6283)

Thank you to those who can, and will, donate.

Casey Hrynkow B.Des., CGD