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2021 National Scholarship Winners Announced

GDC and the GDC Foundation proudly announce the winners of the 2021 Scholarship Awards.

About the GDC Foundation Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Award

This national scholarship was created through a generous donation from Mark Rutledge CGD, to support an indigenous design student pursuing an education in graphic/communication design at a Canadian post-secondary college/university. This scholarship is established in honour of Mark’s mother, Cheryl Lynn, who was his support and inspiration and who passed away in 2016.

2021 Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Award Winner

Harlen Betrand
Harlen Betrand, recipient of the 2021 Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Award.

Harlen Betrand
Capilano University, BC

Harlen is from the Fort Nelson First Nation.

"My goal is to graduate from Capilano University with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and to work in the design industry in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition, I also plan to provide graphic design consultation to the Fort Nelson First Nation as I have done in the past as a summer student."—Harlen Betrand


Annual Report
Annual Report, Harlen Betrand
Movie Poster Designs
Movie Poster Designs, Harlen Betrand

Judges’ comments:

"Harlen’s illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and I really enjoy the Environment Concepts in particular."

"Overall, very promising individual and I’m happy that he will receive the Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Award. Congratulations!"

About the GDC Foundation Ray Hrynkow Scholarship

This national scholarship is awarded to a third-year student in a Canadian four-year program whose submission has demonstrated a deep understanding of problem-solving through communication design. The Scholarship was created in honour of Ray Hrynkow, a respected Vancouver, BC design professional, teacher and GDC Fellow who passed away in 2012. It is supported by Casey Hrynkow FGDC and other donors.

One step away from joining the professional ranks, the promise of the design talent in Canada is demonstrated by the recipient providing great design for social innovation and sustainability in a robust package with a strong rationale and supporting research.

2021 Ray Hrynkow Scholarship Award Winner

Kathrin Teh
Kathrin Teh, recipient of the 2021 GDC Foundation Ray Hrynkow Scholarship.

Kathrin Teh
Capilano University, BC
Instructor: Tom Duguid

"I am applying for this scholarship because of my passion for design and love of what I’m studying. Unfortunately, school is expensive and with the intensity of my program I don’t have time to get a part time job during my studies."

"I believe design can make a huge impact on the world, and my dream is to work for an agency that contributes to social good and making the world a better, brighter place."
— Kathrin Teh


Kathrin Teh, Reclaiming Indigenous Names
Kathrin Teh, Reclaiming Indigenous Names

Judges’ comments:

“Great project; great use of research; a clear social awareness with a desire to uncover effective and resonant design.”

“I loved Teh's poster executions.”

2021 Ray Hrynkow Scholarship Award Honourable Mention

Michelle Viet, Honourable Mention 2021 GDC Foundation Ray Hrynkow Scholarship.

Michelle Viet 
Capilano University, BC
Instructor: Vida Juric

“We need good design now more than ever. With information being consumed at such a great rate, we need to be able to communicate a message that is moving and touches a person even after seeing it."

"Good design starts a dialogue, and with some topics just coming into a conversation like sexuality and other inequalities that historically have been difficult to address, I want to be there to create a narrative and make these things less daunting so we as a society can grow and become a more welcoming space.”—Michelle Viet

Michelle Viet
Michelle Viet

Judges’ comments:

“Good presentation, great project.”

“I really enjoyed these concepts; at first glance I chuckled when I saw the shelled seafood. I loved the colours and execution.”


The judges—for all the Scholarships—were Andrew Boardman CGD, Sarah Jackson CGD, Jocelyne Saulnier CGD, Allan Lorde, Leticia Spence and Shaun Vincent. Judging took place remotely in June 2021 and was coordinated by GDC Education Chair, Aidan Rowe CGD.

Recipients receive scholarship awards that are applied directly to their tuition fees.

The GDC National Scholarship Awards are funded through the GDC Foundation and are coordinated by the GDC. Since 1956, the GDC has been dedicated to establishing professional standards and supporting design practice in the workplace and in schools.

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