Cover: Thanks to our prize donors!

Announcing the Get Behind Design campaign winners!

Get Behind Design Campaign Success

We raised $4,295 from 45 donations in December. Thank you to all our generous donors to the GDC Foundation and to those who purchased posters during the Get Behind Design campaign. We are pleased to have the support of GDC members, GDC Fellows and non-members.

Thanks also go to the wonderful people and companies who helped our campaign with fabulous draw prizes.

Donors who donated $200 or more were eligible for the Grand Prize Draw. The Grand Prize winners are: 

Andrew Boardman CGD - Win Without Pitching 12-week training session from Blair Enns

Casey Hrynkow FGDC - Admission to the 2018 Design & Content Conference

Valerie Elliott FGDC - Admission to Design Thinkers Vancouver 2018 Conference

David Coates FGDC - Admission to Design Thinkers Vancouver 2018 Conference

Carole Charette FGDC - Admission to the 2018 Brand New Conference or live webcast

Johnathon Strebly CGD - Macinhome 4-hour client training session

Congratulations to the winners of the draw for donors of under $200:

Macinhome 2-hour session - Debra Bachman 

Design & Content Conference Student admission - Wen-Chien Yuan

Pantone Colour Bridge set from Spicers - Doug Coates CGD

EYE Magazine subscription - Nancy Wu

FunctionFox subscription - Luya Tshimbalanga

Skillshare 1-year premium membership - Emrys Miller CGD gift certificate - Jon Whipple CGD

CBC Graphic Standards Manual (donated by Adrian Jean CGD) -  Mary Ann Maruska FGDC

Uppercase Magazine subscription - Marga Lopez CGD

Designing for Print - Chris Mulligan

Communication Arts Magazine subscription - Natasia Designs 

Type Magazine subscription - Aquila Samson CGD, Amanda Maslany CGD, Linda Komori, Mike Cober CGD, Karin Jager CGD

A Book Apart eBook: Sebastian Abboud CGD, Patrice Snopkowski CGD, Sylvia Rigakis CGD, Rod McDonald FGDC, Lisa Edward
 Ne10 Stencil: Oliver Oike CGD, Brenda Sanderson CGD, Jocelyne Saulnier CGD, Jim Hudson CGD, Bardolf Paul FGDC, Linda Blanchett, Michael Marshall FGDC, Meredith Lindsay, Kimberly Burge, Sue Colberg FGDC
 Ampersand socks - Miriam MacPhail CGD, Hanno Ehses FGDC




BC Chapter Special Draw: The Surface of Meaning (donated by Leanne Prain CGD) - Ken Paul CGD




Donations help build the GDC Foundation and when the funds reach a sustainable level, we will be able to provide scholarships, grants and a benevolent fund. We accept donations all year-long and have merchandise available on the website. Thank you for your support!