GDC and RGD Make Progress Toward Unified Certification

Past Presidents of GDC and RGD, Johnathon Strebly CGD and Stüssy Tschudin RGD, shared an update on creating a unified certification process for graphic designers in Canada at DesignThinkers 2018 in Vancouver.

Elements in each certification process were outlined, identifying areas where modifications were required, including eligibility criteria, case studies requirements, terminology, online test administration and portfolio presentations.
Working with the Past Presidents, the Chairs of both organizations' Certification Committees, Michael Cober CGD and Randal Boutilier RGD, have systematically reviewed all of the differences, collaborated to make compromises on both sides, and discussed the necessary changes with stakeholders from our respective organizations.

At GDC's AGM in June in Vancouver, the Executives and Committees voted to ratify changes to our certification processes, and RGD did the same in April. With the modifications approved, GDC and RGD are now collectively finalizing the evaluation criteria for the portfolio presentation, establishing strategies to share resources, and developing implementation plans for the newly-aligned, unified process. 
Both Johnathon and Stüssy remain on their respective Boards and are committed to continuing their efforts. "We're pleased with the open dialogue and wonderful collaboration between our organizations, and we'll continue to work together to strengthen and heighten Canada's design profession and community," said Johnathon.

The GDC and RGD plan to announce a unified certification process and shared certification process in May 2019.

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