Cover: Every donor won!

GDC Foundation Draw Prize Winners Announced

#GetBehindDesign Campaign Success.

Thank you to all the generous people who donated to the GDC Foundation's 6th Annual Get Behind Design fundraising drive! And a big thank you to the chapters who held events to help build the fund this year. With your help, we raised $4,368!

The fund passed our 2016 goal of $50,000. We are now at $54,000 and working toward $60,000.
We raised:
$1600 from the Fellows’ Challenge
$400 for the Ray Hrynkow fund
$600 from the sale of GDC Anniversary Posters
$453 from Saskatchewan North's Junk & Gems, Book & Card sales
$350 from VI Chapter Junk & Gems sale



Grand prize draw results

Blair Enns Win Without Pitching program: Mike Cober
How Design Live: Johnathon Vaughn Strebly
Design Thinkers: Jim Hudson, David Coates
World Design Summit: Valerie Elliott, Anne O'Grady
Brand New Conference: Dave Nagy
True North Poster: Casey Hrynkow, Brenda Sanderson



More Winners

Skillshare: one-year Premium Membership: Josh Nagy
Riding the Pine Human Bag: Bardolf Paul
Riding the Pine Human Bag: Michael Marshall
Riding the Pine Shadow box: Dale Simonson
Kit Hinrichs Large 365 Calendar: Greg Silver    
Kit Hinrichs Small 365 Calendar: Miriam MacPhail
Kit Hinrichs Public Bikes Poster: Ken Paul a $100 gift certificate: Joce Creative
A Book Apart: Nancy Wu, Elise Beaudry, and VI Chapter, SKN chapter, ABN Chapter
Eye Magazine subscription: Kim vanderHelm
Communication Arts subscription: Patrice Snopkowski
Uppercase Magazine subscription: Marcella Villalobos
The Surface of Meaning by Robert Bringhurst: Marie Dominique Siojo Ampersand Socks: Mary Ann Maruska, Karen Brown
Debbie Millman Playing Cards: Danielle Bonnah


Thank you all!