GDC National 2018 AGM Summary

GDC held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Vancouver, BC from June 1-2, 2018. This was one of the largest AGMs in recent years with more than 40 representatives from across the country. 

I would like to thank the BC Chapter for their very generous hospitality and all their hard work. The AGM was a tremendous success due to your efforts. Thank you.

As is our tradition, the first night of the AGM consisted of Chapter reports. The 40 of us in attendance celebrated each region’s successes and supported each other while we shared and discussed our challenges. We were proud that collectively we held more than 80 events throughout the country in the past twelve months! Every week there was something happening within the GDC community.

During the second day of the AGM, National Council representatives attended to organizational requirements. National Executive and Committee Chair reports were delivered, audited financial statements were approved, constitutional proposals were voted upon and elections to the National Executive Committee were conducted.

The GDC 2018-2020 National Executive Committee consists of:

President Mark Rutledge, CGD
Past President Johnathon Strebly, CGD
Treasurer Dale Simonson, CGD FGDC

Secretary, Dave Nagy, CGD

VP Certification Michael Cober, CGD

VP Education, Corrie Heringa, CGD

VP Membership Nicole Bolton, CGD

Communications Chair Bryan Kulba, CGD

Ethics Chair Matt Warburton, CGD, FGDC

Foundation Chair, Peggy Cady, CGD FGDC

Sustainability Chair Valerie Elliott, CGD FGDC

Web Chair Adrian Jean, CGD

This day was made especially memorable by the attendance of Hilary Ashworth (Executive Director) and Stüssy Tschudin (President) of RGD. GDC and RGD have worked closely together to support each other and advance the design industry in Canada in the past year and we were thrilled that Hilary and Stüssy were able to come to Vancouver to participate in the meeting. The air was full with the sense of cooperation and excitement about what the two organizations can do collaboratively for the community in the future.

On the following day Council spent a full and productive day resolving outstanding issues related to our Membership, Communication and Value. Members will begin to see the results of this workshop day in short order.

I would like to thank all the members of National Council for taking time away from their families and businesses to attend the GDC AGM. This organization is fueled by your continued passion for the purpose. Thank you.

Thank you also to all the Chapter Executive team members who helped bring 80 design-related events to Canadian communities in the past year. Without your work, none of it would be possible. Thank you.

If you would like to help your chapter do even more in your area, please let them know. Our community exists for your benefit and the chapter executive are always grateful for any amount of time you have to give. 

Thank you,
Melanie MacDonald