GDC Partners with RGD to Strengthen Professional Certification

With growing demand for professional certification among designers across Canada, the Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) has partnered with Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) to implement a unified certification mark.

The Certified Graphic Designer mark, CGD™, is Canada's first and only certification mark for graphic and communication designers. The GDC and RGD have been developing and providing professional certification services to Canadian designers since 1956 and 2001, respectively. Both associations are committed to the value of certification and elevation of the design profession.

"As GDC continues to evolve and refine its certification process, the opportunity to leverage collective strengths and resources bodes well for the Canadian design profession."
— Michael Cober, CGD, VP Certification GDC

"GDC and RGD both have certification processes and designations for professional designers who qualify. Stüssy Tschudin, RGD, President of RGD and I have committed our organizations to combine these processes and establish one unified professional designation for graphic designers working across Canada. While we are in the early stages, we're confident that we can collectively make this happen for the benefit of the entire industry."
— Johnathon Vaughn Strebly, CGD, President of GDC

"I believe strongly that this direction will ensure greater awareness of the importance of hiring a certified graphic designer."
— Stüssy Tschudin, RGD, President of RGD

This initiative to collaborate with the RGD on a unified certification process is welcomed by GDC's support partners, educators and the industry at large.

As GDC works in the coming months to launch a new, more inclusive certification model, collaboration with RGD will provide additional opportunities and insights on how to best serve the design profession, both nationally and internationally. 

For additional information, please contact
GDC Executive Director: Melanie MacDonald