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Journal 8

Call for submissions for Graphic Design Journal 8

The GDC Journal contains a range of in-depth articles and features exploring professional communication design practice; design education; research in design; featured designers as well as commentary and opinion on the state of the broader design discipline through a Canadian lens. 

The 21st century has seen fundamental shifts in the discipline of design. Design has seen its scope of practice dramatically increase to address a wide range of challenges, including the possibility of acting on pressing issues of our times. Additionally, we have seen recognition of the power and possibility of design practices and methods by a broad rand of other fields, from business to nursing to engineering.

For issue #8 we welcome submissions from design academics, researchers, practitioners, students and others that explore the role and possibilities for design in the 21st century. Submissions could be in the form of case studies, literature reviews, research projects (shorter initial reports or longer summary reviews), survey papers and position papers. We are also open to other forms of submissions.

Deadline for submissions is April 15, 2020.

All submissions need to be positioned through a Canadian context—e.g. the research is conducted in / for Canada, the author(s) are Canadian or working in Canada, the subject matter is Canadian, etc.

General Points for all submitting authors:

  • Papers must conform to Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), 16th edition. All attributions must use Chicago (author-date) Attribution. You can find further info here:
  • All submitted papers must be Microsoft Word document (not as PDFs)
  • All submitted papers must have all author information removed through the body of the paper to facilitate blind reviewing. 
  • Submission should include 150-word abstract, 150-word author biography and 5-8 keywords on the cover page (with paper title and author details). 
  • Final word count for the submission should be between 2500–7500 words (excluding references and preceding materials).
  • All claims and statements need to be fully supported by cited references and / or stated research evidence.
  • If you are using images (and it would be great if you are) then ensure that you have permission to use images of work featured. All images need to be placed in the Word file and appropriately captioned (name / credits / titles).

If you have further questions or need clarification, please contact: or

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