Cover: GDC Foundation Fundraising

Thank you from the Get Behind Design Campaign!

We raised $3,700 from 38 donors for the GDC Foundation in December, 2019.

A great big thank you to everyone who donated! We're still working toward making that total $4,000, so you are invited to donate at any time!

Thank you also to the 11 GDC Fellows who answered the annual Fellows' Challenge with their donations! Your support means alot and is helping build this legacy project.

And, HUGE thanks to our generous prize donors! You helped make it happen and we are grateful for your support.

The GDC Foundation is supporting design scholarships and working toward giving grants and a benevolent fund. Our annual campaign strives to build the fund that will allow us to give out the interest each year.

Here are the winners of the donor draw. Winners will also be notified by email with details about their prizes.
Design Thinkers Vancouver: David Coates, and Mark Busse
Design Thinkers Toronto: Anonymous, and Doug Coates
Brand New Conference: Matt Warburton
Design & Content Conference, Vancouver: Mark Pilon
FITC Toronto: Carl Shura, Brenda Sanderson

Font of the Month Club: Melodi Peters
Brand Identity Essentials by Kevin Budelmann & Yang Kim, from People Design: End2End Media
Freelance and Busine$$ & Stuff, by Amy Hood & Jennifer Hood, from Hoodzpah: Donika Wimalaratne
Spicers, Pantone Colour Bridge Coated and Uncoated: Hedi Peters
Ruined by Design, by Mike Montiero, paper edition: Judy Snaydon, Chris Mulligan, Casey Hrynkow, Sandra Scott, Emrys Miller, John Lyttle, Patrice Snopkowski, Andrew Boardman, Miriam MacPhail, Oliver Oike
RefineMark handbound letterpress journal: Linda Blanchett
Eye Magazine 1-year subscription: Nancy Wu
Uppecase Magazine 1-year subscription: Laura Stobbe
Clubcard Printing $100 gift certificate: Mike Priebe
Hoeffler&Co Catalog No 11: Dean McNeill, Jim Hudson, Naoko Masuda, Mary Ann Maruska, Mike Cober

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