Cover: Men Don't Campaign- Joseph Thoong

Announcing the 2020 GDC VI /Hemlock Printers Student Scholarship Winner

"Ever since I started doing fine art and graphic design I knew that I wanted to create positive change through design. I believe that as designers, we have the opportunity to do good for people—and that's what I want to do."
Joseph Thoong

The $500 GDC Vancouver Island/Hemlock Printers student scholarship is for GDC VI student members enrolled in a multi-year, full-time, graphic design program at a post-secondary institution. Applications for this year's award were reviewed by a panel of CGD™ certified members from the Chapter, and the recipient was selected based on the merits of the application.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2020 scholarship!
Joseph Thoong
Bachelor of Graphic Design program
Vancouver Island University

Nancy Pagé
Sebastian Abboud

Joseph's application was professionally presented and his two case studies were well-documented and thorough.


Men Don't Campaign
Men Don't Campaign

Excerpt from "Men Don't Campaign" brief"

Project brief: 50 Canadian men die each week due to suicide, making up 75% of total suicides in Canada. Rates of substance use disorder are significantly elevated in men, with around 3 out of 4 cases being male. In the ongoing fentanyl crisis, statistics indicate that over 80% of deaths in this crisis are male. These statistics have led commentators to argue that this is a silent epidemic in the world. Not talking about mental health is killing men.

Objective: How do you get more men to think about their mental health or seek out mental health services.

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Comments from the judges:

  • Joseph's conceptual thinking will set him apart from other design students and designers.
  • His hierarchy of information is well-considered.
  • Joseph demonstrates an advanced aptitude for design. Good use of colour, strong design elements and wide range of real-world applications to show how his strategies could roll out as cohesive campaigns.
  • He's a mature student who brings great credit to himself and his institution. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for employment.
  • I appreciate the refinement and simplicity of the design strategies, along with their clean and bold execution. Very nice and well-thought through work, especially coming at an early stage of a career. Well written and reasoned rationale – good summary of the design thinking.
  • His strategy of creating a message to promote communication, honesty and acceptance of help, in this concept, is strategy well worth considering.

When notified of the award, Joseph said, "That is so amazing to hear! I’d like to thank the GDC Vancouver Island chapter for such an honour. I’m very excited to further my education and career with this scholarship in hopes of contributing to the GDC and the greater graphic design community."

Many thanks to Hemlock Printers for their partnership with the VI Chapter and for supporting Vancouver Island students with this scholarship.