GDC Vancouver Island Coordinator Contract

A small, paid administrative contract to support the chapter

UPDATE July 2018: We thank everyone who applied for this contract. It has been awarded to Rachel Penner, who looks forward to helping the GDC VI Executive build a thriving and engaged design community.


The GDC Vancouver Island Chapter is creating a one-time, time-limited, paid contract to provide additional support to the many volunteer hours that our volunteer Board and other volunteers contribute each year. The focus of this contract is in executing a membership outreach campaign, as well as deeper relationship-building with our current and potential partners/sponsors. 

This is a six to nine month contract, starting July 2018, for 100 hours of services, at a rate of $30/hour. 

The approximate breakdown will be: 

  • 10 hours helping plan budgets & logistics for upcoming events
  • 20 hours relationship building with partners/sponsors
  • 30 hours executing a membership outreach campaign (likely including dozens of phone calls) 
  • 40 hours additional support, yet to be determined by the Board of Directors ("Executive")

The recipient of the contract would attend the GDC VI monthly board meetings as well, but cannot hold a position on the board, nor be a Director of the Society. However, the recipient is welcome to volunteer for the GDC in other ways, beyond the paid hours of this contract. 

This contract is open to any of our local members (Member, CGD, FGDC) who may be interested. To apply, please send a (300 to 1,000 word) email to, detailing your interest and relevant abilities/strengths, by noon PST, July 2, 2018.