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Our Island Chapter History

First installment. By Michael Marshall FGDC, reprinted from Graphic Design Journal Issue 5, 2002

Our Evolution. In the end, the beginning was all because of an Island. Vancouver Island – seemingly so close to mainland British Columbia that even Canadians who have never been here before believe what the map says – it's only 1/8" away. Although some of us were members of GDC BC, we didn't know much about it or our fellow members, as information mailing were spotty and event invitations were received late due to the postal system. [No internet yet!]

In late 1989, Michael Marshall organized a Steering Committee to discuss the creation of a quasi-independent extension of GDC/BC in order to bring share speakers and events to the Island. Progress stalled but with renewed inspiration from Amanda Maslany, Michael convened another meeting to discuss the creation of a completely independent GDC Chapter.

On May 10, 1993, GDC Vancouver Island Chapter was established and an Interim Executive elected: Michael Marshall President; Miriam MacPhail, Vice-President; Dana Dahlquist, Treasurer; Paul Barron, Secretary; Amanda Maslany, National Representative; Diane Weatherby, South Island Representative; and Dean Owen, Membership Chair. Other Professional Members included Mark Bawden, Cheryl Cyr, James Osborne, Silk Questo, Kirk Seton, Peggy Cady, and Chris Tyrrell.

Chapter by-laws were drafted in June, 1993. They were presented by Michael Marshall to the National Council at the Halifax National BGM in 1994. Here GDC/Vancouver Island was formally accepted as a chapter. In addition to his duties as Chapter President, Michael was elected as National Vice-President.

Major Accomplishments [to 2002]

Our first AGM was held at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in March 1994, with the first official elections for the Founding Executive: Michael Marshall, President and National Representative; Miriam MacPhail, Vice-President; Dana Dahlquist, Treasurer; Paul Barron, Secretary; Diane Weatherby, South Island Representative, and Neil Havers North Island Representative.

In January 1995, our sponsorship program was developed. Originally designed to help our Rock Awards [Creative Awards] event, it became a blueprint or our annual Chapter Sponsorship Program. Our program was successfully adopted by other GDC chapters.

The first Annual VI Chapter Creative Awards presentation and dinner event was held at the Empress Hotel in March, 1994. The first ever "Rocks" along with Certificates of Merit, were awarded in 23 categories.

[More to come]