Champion Plastics, an American manufacturers of fishing gear, had created several new products for live bait tools. These unique designs required unique identities that captured their distinct feature and benefits, with creative that spoke to the Trolling, and Angler community.


Feature Benefit Strong. CP's new products were so well designed with unique features it was clear to focus on using these attributes as the strategic positioning for each product. In order to further add credibility, we also integrated an overall brand Identity to serve as the master brand for CP's line-up of bait baskets.


Champion Plastics was successful in launching their new line across North America and is widely distributed in fishing supply centres, sporting goods retail.


Champion Plastics

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Art Director
Creative Director
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Our strategic intent was to shift Champion from a plastics manufacturer, to a Fishing Gear manufacturer using the newly created Beyond The Banks, and Lively Angler masterbrands as they way in to the categories, followed by product branding.