The opening of this wonderful Gelato shop in the heart of the Saskatoon Arts district marks the fulfillment of a dream of the owner, Paola Chiste.
Named after her Nonno (Grandfather) Beppi, the brand was crafted to convey both quality and lightheartedness. The logo was inspired by a shared love of pets and the neighbourhood itself, where inclusivity, respect and uniqueness are the rules.

The brand was applied simply and cleanly across various applications, including what turned out to be a popular photo-wall for children and dogs alike.

A genuine ‘Procopio’ gelato cart was special-ordered from Italy. We worked closely with the Italian manufacturer to ensure a beautiful and high quality product.

Studio Jensen design and fabricated exterior signage that would compliment the brand and create a strong street presence. It was important for the sign to really feel a part of the community and appear as though it had been there for many decades.

Instant Tradition: Inspired by the rich history of gelatos’ Italian tradition, we thought it would be fun to imagine a ‘history’ for the new Beppi’s brand; complete with retro travel-style posters, but with a twist. Instead of exotic far-off locations, we selected locations within a few blocks of Beppi’s - right here in our own beautiful city - literally illustrating the Beppi’s Gelato experience.

The 44” large format posters are installed in the shop, giving a refreshing splash of colour and offering patrons additional points of interest.

With the owner and her family being cycling enthusiasts, we also produced a retro cycling jersey which are for sale to the public. Being one of the historical race jersey colours in Europe, orange is both traditional and highly visible to traffic.


Beppi’s Gelato

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Art Director
Creative Director
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