This campaign for Cherry Insurance was a lot of fun and generated great awareness for the company. 3 Humpties were created and strategically placed throughout Saskatoon over a period of several years.

Once the concept was approved, the fabrication process began. This began the figures began with laminating rigid foam into a giant block. This block was then placed on a peg with the egg shape plywood forms on either side, creating a giant ‘lathe’. A cutter attached to a 2’x4’ was used to carve the block as it was turned slightly after each pass.

Once the basic shape was achieved, foam was added where required and the basic character (legs and arms too) was carved. Then two layers of fibreglass and body filler as required were applied and finished with primer and gloss white paint.

This was only the beginning however, as molds now needed to be made from these masters (aka: ‘plugs’), then parts made from the molds.

The parts are shown after coming out of the molds and these finished parts were then assembled, strengthened where required and finally painted.

The billboards were hard to miss!


Cherry Insurance

Project Role(s)

Art Director
Creative Director