• Urban Acre Restaurant YXE

  • Much attention was given to the choice of materials and finishes. The interplay of raw steel, broadway lights, grass and the smooth center feature reinforce the notion of a diverse and creative community greater than the sum of it's parts.
    In concert with the wonderful design of the restaurant (Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture) the surprising textures offer a comforting rest stop smack in the middle of a bustling 21st century airport.

  • Fabricating the letters

  • I did a quite a bit of trial and error - fortunately not too much error!

  • Here, Bessie is in her final stages of painting. We fabricated a giant spray booth for the shop to accommodate such a large project, which included simultaneous spraying of the buildings for the cityscape.

    This a LONG way from her humble beginnings….

  • I first had to make a hand-held model to be sure my plan would work (shown inset). From there I scaled up the plans to full size and made the plywood structure.


I was pleased to be asked to create a brand for the new restaurant in the main public space at YXE by Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture and The Saskatoon Airport Authority.

The name ‘Urban Acre’ reflects a sophisticated modern city inseparable from it’s proud prairie heritage: a strong economic and cultural ecosystem that we proudly call home.

(Photo credit Matt Smith)


Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture / Saskatoon Airport Authority

Project Role(s)

Art Director
Creative Director
Date Completed: 
January, 2019