Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture is a premiere full service design, planning and architectural consulting firm, and a leader in innovative and sustainable building design.

Tasked with the development of a long-term strategic vision, a branding task force was assembled to gather information about how the KAA brand was perceived, and how that perception related to the firm. The resulting information was assessed and presented to the firm partners. The decision was made to proceed with the development of a full branding package based around a new logo.

As the primary visual element representing the firm in years to come, this new logo was developed to represent Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture’s collective principles, spirit and culture. The firm’s reputation for high quality of design and experience can be seen in the logo’s elegance, confidence and purposeful simplicity.

A commitment also to sustainability, community and relationships are reflected in a holistic design who’s elements, while physically separated and unique from each other, spatially collaborate to achieve something fresh and new; something far more than the sum of their parts.

With purposeful disregard for beaten path and well-worn convention, the logo embodies design innovation, creativity, and passion through it’s boldly unique, yet practical approach. Movement and energy are heightened through the eye’s natural journey through the white space and the effortless choreography between the two shapes.

The application of the brand was kept very minimal, clean and powerful through use of solid colors and very high-end printing techniques.

Project Role(s)

Art Director
Creative Director