• The Saskatoon Club Crest was developed to project taste, industriousness and tradition. Whether reproduced in acid etched alloy or printed material, it conveys the impression with confidence.

  • The membership kit included a promotional book with great emphasis on visual impact.

  • Brochure spread: Note the modified crest (top of left page)

  • Business cards featuring debossed foil on the backs.

  • Left: The addition of traditional flourishes gave the updated logo a rich sense of history.

    Centre: A club within a club, the identity for Ashworth’s needed to identify as part of the Saskatoon Club, while also standing on it’s own. The solution was a simple wordmark with just a taste of the main logo.

    Right: Acid engraved donor appreciation plaque

  • Signage was kept simple and tasteful using a raised format with silver and black finish.


Home to the city’s business and community leaders for more than a century, The Saskatoon Club always strives to project an image of sophistication and industriousness. At a time when stunning club renovations were planned, the client felt it's visual brand was getting long in the tooth and lacked the gravitas that one would expect from a club such as this.


A subdued yet striking palette, with engraved alloy for select elements, speaks both to taste and also longevity. The nod to the Art Deco style illustrating the clubs’ gorgeous vines and trees adds a bold uniqueness and ornate, organic beauty that is too often lacking in modern design.


The Saskatoon Club


Photography: Bob Holtsman

Project Role(s)

Art Director
Creative Director
Date Completed: 
January, 2019