Mentorship Program

If you are new to the profession here is an inspiring way to build your skills and knowledge!

GDC is offering two mentorship opportunities for members. The first is part of the GDC National Scholarship Awards program where up to 5 scholarship applicants are be selected for mentorships. The second mentorship opportunity is specifically geared towards new graduates.

Mentors are CGD certified graphic and communication designers who are passionate about the industry and keen to share their expertise and knowledge. Mentors may choose their mentee from the mentorship applicants or be assigned a mentee based upon their preferences. Mentees will have the opportunity to show work, ask questions, and discuss areas of interest or hot topics. The mentorship will take place at the mentor's discretion — bi-weekly, monthly — in person, via skype, online or other virtual methods. Some mentorship experiences will be profiled on

Here are the guidelines for both mentors and mentees outlining the process, expectations, and ideas for discussion topics. gdc_mentorship_guide_2013.pdf

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