Gaspereau Press Wayzgoose

Catch the bus from Halifax - only $15

A celebration of writing and the book arts!

Guest Printers: Amos Kennedy, Richard Kegler, Amelia Fontanel
Guest Authors: Carmine Starnino, Matt Robinson, Erin Brubacher

How Goes the Goose?

  • 10:30 The author’s salon
  • 10:30 screening of ‘Making Faces’ (a documentary film by Richard Kegler) and a panel discussion on the legacy of the type designer Jim Rimmer
  • 2:00-4:30 Open house @ the press with many demos by our guests
  • 7:00 A wayzgoose evening with poetry readings & a panel discussion on “what the heck is going on in the United States?! (In the book arts)” Cash Bar

Plus our inky pal Laura Macdonald of deep hollow print and a veritable whirlagust of visiting printers, bibliophiles & typophiles




Bus leaves NSCAD Granville: 8:45 am
Bus leaves Gaspereau Press: 4:00 pm
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Saturday, October 22