World Design Summit

World Changing Designers, welcome, are you one of them?

World Design Summit
Palais des Congrés de Montréal
16‐25 Oct. 2017

TheWorld Design Summit® Montréal 2017 (WDSM), of which the General theme is "Changing the World through Design", is a world-°©‐class event that will assemble a huge number of design experts, clients, suppliers and enthusiasts from all over the world.

The primary mission of the 2017 World Design Summit (WDS) is to bring together practitioners of all disciplines, in order to foster cooperation and communication, provide a platform for professional advancement, and demonstrate the tremendous power of design and design thinking to create viable, sustainable solutions to global social and environmental challenges.

This will be accomplished through the Congress, Expo, Pantheon of design and Summit of International Organizations.

Six Design Disciplines
Urban planning
Interior Design
Industrial Design
Graphic Design

Six Driving Themes
Design for earth
Design for participation
Design for participation
Design for beauty
Design for sale
Design for extremes

108 Topics‐topics/

October 23—25, 2017

Witness a historical moment as political decision‐makers, international organizations and Summit attendees sign the first International declaration on design, to create a better future.

50 International Organizations‐of-international-organizations/

October 16—20, 2017

Leading‐edge minds explore the latest design ideas that can help make a difference, and create conversations between disciplines.

30 Keynotes,
1,000 Speakers,
4,500 delegates
6 Themes
108 Design game-changing subjects & workshops
108 Propositions to the Summit

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October 17—20, 2017
Discover the latest innovations in sustainable design.
450 Innovative Design Exhibitors
4,500 Design Professionals
30,000 Visitors

October 1—25, 2017

Discover purpose-driven designers that have had a positive impact on the world we live in.
150 Emblematic Canadian and International design figures

October 20—22, 2017

Over two days of deliberations, 250 students from Canada and abroad will define six design solutions and present them to the Summit. Scholarships are available for attending.

250 International students
6 Winning teams

October 17, 2017

A one-of‐a‐kind merging of art, design and food. In the spirit of collaboration between disciplines, chefs and designers will work together in new and creative ways.

6 Designers and 6 Chefs‐food-design/

October 18, 2017

The gala of associations will bring together all the Summit’s partners and members for an exclusive evening held in the Expo space. Get networking with the whole world of design.

24 Carreer Prizes, 4 per discipline

October 16—25, 2017

Throughout the city, design companies will give access to their office – a unique opportunity to discover their work, extend networks and start new conversations. Showroom visits, tours and special evenings

LAST CALL FOR PROPOSALS => Deadline 6 August 2017

What are the innovative design ideas and actions that could bring about better futures? How can design in all its facets respond to issues as a transformational agent that supports cultural, political, economic, environmental and everyday societal needs?

By submitting your proposal you will take part in an unprecedented international event and have the opportunity for cross-disciplinary engagement and networking.

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