Cover: Annual General Meeting and Design Trivia

Annual General Meeting and Design Trivia

Join us Thursday, March 1, at the El Cortez Tequila Cellar for a night of design trivia and hangouts with designers and creative types...and if trivia isn’t your thing, come down and learn more about GDC Alberta North Chapter and eat FREE TACOS!

Bust out the dusty ol’ design textbooks and get studying! We’ll be pitting teams of 3 – 4 of the finest designers in town against one another in a monumental battle of wits and noisemakers to find out who will reign supreme as the master of all designy-type knowledge.

The fun starts at 7pm. Get your designer pals together and start a team! No team? No problem. Sign up anyways, and we’ll stick you with a team the night of the event. All participants must be individually registered. Get your tickets here.