Cover: Design Canada Documentary

Design Canada: Edmonton Premier + Q+A with Special Guests

Chronicling the history of Canadian graphic design

GDC is pleased to announce the launch of Design Canada, a documentary film celebrating the golden era of Canadian graphic design. GDC and the GDC Gibson Fund are very proud financial supporters of the Design Canada film and believe that this film provides Canadians with valuable insight into the important and lasting legacy of graphic and communication design in Canada.

In 2012, Design Canada began with a genuine curiosity about where the designs and symbols of Canada originated. Director (and graphic designer) Greg Durrell began shooting the film on a Canon 7D. A year later, Greg met Jessica Edwards, a Canadian filmmaker living in Brooklyn and Gary Hustwit. The team spent 5 years crafting the Design Canada story.

The story of Canadian graphic design has never been told–until now. Watch the trailer here.

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